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Welcome to Aromaland, a woman owned company.

Since 1986 we have been committed to bringing the world the very best in Aromatherapy. We strive to provide products of the highest quality and purity. At AromaLand we are dedicated to bringing you The Essence of Well-Being®. Our guiding principal is to create safe and effective personal care products using aromas that are 100% nature made.

Products that make a difference for the people and the planet - made exclusively from Nature Knowing that Nature does it best, we trust Water, Sun, Wind and plenty of Time to do what no factory could ever achieve. Instead of chemical laboratories, AromaLand uses the slow, patient, natural and powerful way of the plants for all its products, recognizing and treasuring them as precious and pristine gifts from Nature.
Ordinary moments transform into extraordinary experiences when we turn to Nature: Its Creation provides us with everything we need to find harmony, beauty, health and effortless well-being.

Fusing science with the art of natural healing and utilizing holistic wisdom from many different cultures, we promise to create products of uncompromising purity.
Our mission is to take you to the Land of Aroma, a place where you can be yourself, in harmony with Nature, enriched by its beauty. A place of well-being - where your spirit soars... your mind unwinds... your body communes with Nature.
Share in our vision of a natural future for this planet and its people.

Beauty - Health - Safety

Aromaland is committed to providing you with products that define beauty without compromising your overall long term health. Many personal care products contain controversial chemicals which may challenge your health. Aromaland delivers an effective personal care experience that promotes well being. At the same time all the ingredients in every Aromaland product have been scored safe by the Skin Deep – Cosmetic Safety Database.

Aromaland’s Guiding Principals

Safety -First Do No Harm. Aromaland’s commitment to your health is paramount. We design all of our products with SAFETY as our first concern. Aromaland is a signer of the “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”.

Results – Aromaland delivers products that work. Effective delivery in the most natural way possible.

Purity – Always 100% pure therapeutic Essential Oils.

Sustainability - Committed to environmental sustainability.

Honor - enlightened teamwork within the Aromaland family.

Charitable -Contribute to earthly causes such as sustaining a Shipbibo Indian village in the Peruvian Amazon.

Caring and Compassion -about each individual and Planet Earth.