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Ralf Moller- President/CEO & Founder
Ralf is the founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Aromaland, Inc. Founded in 1986, Aromaland is the living dream of Ralf. As a European, essential oils were a regular part of my daily life, a regular component of our daily routine”. Ralf is a Master Blender and a pioneer in the industry of aromatherapy and among the first entrepreneurs to bring high quality essential oils to the United States. Intrigued by the healing aspects of essential oils, Ralf spent two years in India working and building relationships with farmer/essential oil producers. Ralf extended his travels to South East Asia, Australia, Europe and South America and developed direct relationships with farmer/distillers which became the foundation for Aromaland. Today Aromaland sells over 300 different pure essential oils as well as proprietary blends and a complete hair and body care line created by Ralf who is now considered one of the top Aromatherapy blenders in the world.

Elizabeth Bezzerides -
Vice President
Elizabeth is the Vice President of Aromaland. Among many things, Elizabeth is responsible for our quality assurance and control. She obtained her MBA from the University of New Mexico in 1987 and her B.S. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1964. She is also a Registered Nurse. As an active member of her community she is on the Board of Directors at the Los Alamos YMCA and Director of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine. Elizabeth is responsible for the daily operations at Aromaland and is involved in every aspect of a smooth functioning flow where creativity meets reality.