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Aromaland Spotlight Interview With Founder Ralf Möller

What compelled you to begin Aromaland?

As you know, most Europeans use essential oils as an inherent part of their lifestyle than do Americans. Raised in Germany, I experienced the benefits from using essential oils on a daily basis.

From about 1977-1981, I traveled through India and Asian to study with doctors and visit farmers and essential oil distillers. During thsi time, I developed and produced a series of essential oil massage blends. When I moved to the United States in 1982, I immediately discovered that the availability and knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils was severely lacking here.

I felt drawn to sharing my knowledge and developed a line of essential oil and natural massage oil products here in the United States.

At Aromaland, we are continuously working on and developing new ways to make essential oils once again a part of everyday life in the United States and throughout the world.

What is Aromaland's mission?

To share the pure essence of nature with as many people as we can!

Aromaland is committed to providing top-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Pure essential oils of uncompromising quality are at the heart of every Aromaland product.

How many employees did Aromaland start with, and how many do you have now?

We started with just three employees and now employee 25 full-time employees at our mail facility in Sante Fe, New Mexico. We also have a network of independent representatives.

Who presently owns Aromaland and who are the upper level executives within the organization?

I continue to serve Aromaland as its President and founder. Elizabeth Bezzeridesis is the Vice-President

The majority of stockholders in Aromaland are women, and we are pleased to consider Aromaland a Women Owned company.

Can you tell AromaWeb's readers a little bit more about Aromaland's vice president, Elizabeth Bezzeridesis?

Among many things, Elizabeth is responsible for our quality assurance and control. She obtained her MBA from the University of Mexico and her B.S. from the University of California at Berkeley. She is also a Registered Nurse and is actively involved within a variety of community programs.

Who formulates your essential oil blends as well as your personal care products?

I create most of our essential oil blends. I work along side our R&D department to bring out new personal care products as well as improve upon our existing ones.

What have been some of Aromaland's biggest challenges as an aromatherapy oriented company?

Truth in labeling has always been a challenge. As there is no real regulation in our industry many companies deceived or even mislabel the actual ingredients of their products. There are a lot of companies in the natural product market that do not believe that aromatherapy products should only be made with natural Essential Oils. Many of the top brands found in health foods stores across the country do not use Essential Oils and mislead consumers to believe their products are made with essential oils which gives them an unfair advantage as their products are much cheaper to produce and can sell items that appear similar to Aromaland's for cheaper.

A misleading trend is also occurring with a number of body care brands adding the word "Organics" directly to their trademarked name. This creates a misleading impression that their products are made entirely with organic ingredients or implies that their products are more nutritive than Aromaland's. Although pressured by the market trend as to compete more effectively, we instead refuse to cave to this deceptive tactic.

Aromaland has never compromised on our Essential Oil quality. At times, it has been very difficult to maintain enough of a supply level as demand has increased and Aromaland has grown.

What are some of the biggest challenges in formulating your skin/hair care product line?

We are constantly looking to improve our products with the latest organic and natural trends while keeping our pricing down to keep our product affordable. Sorting through the thousands of new raw materials that become available is a huge undertaking that takes considerable time, but the effort is certainly worth it if we can improve and provide our customers with the quality they deserve and except to receive from Aromaland.

Do you have any procedures/policies that set you apart from your competition?

Aromaland is perhaps the only Aromatherapy company to offer free shipping on all retail orders over $39 on its Web site as well as free shipping on wholesale orders over $100. Aromaland also offers a no questioned asked 60 day return policy. Currently the return rate for order is under 1% which is extremely low for the aromatherapy industry.

How fast are you generally able to process and ship orders placed from your Web site?

98% of orders ship within 24 to 48 hours. Since we carry such a large selection of products and many of the essential oils are rare and sometimes hard to find depending when the next crop is so orders can take a little longer.