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Top Quality Essential Oils
Aromaland is committed to providing top-quality, therapeutic-grade, essential oils. Essential Oils are at the heart of every Aromaland product.

Experience and Expertise
Our quality and expertise has led Aromaland to become one of the top US sources for companies that demand pure essential oils at the heart of their private label brands. To date Aromaland has over 200 private label customers, 25 of which are major brands. Even if you haven't used an Aromaland branded product - chances are that you have used it under a different brand.

Rigorous Testing
Aromaland utilizes rigorous state of the art GC/MS testing (Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer) to verify the purity of each batch of essential oil received. Although there is over 100 years’ combined olfactory experience at Aromaland, we still feel it is critical to use a GC/MS to verify the purity of all our essential oils.

Aromaland works diligently to source oils only from farmers and wild crafters with sustainable practices. Where specific plant species are in danger of being over-harvested, we have develop local, long-term programs with indigenous cultures to help create a sustainable source and method of production.

For 95% of human history, essential oils were a part of everyday life. It is only in the past 150 years that we have lost touch with them. Aromaland is always working on and developing new ways to make essential oils once again a part of everyday

Giving Back
At Aromaland we appreciate the diversity of life that we feel supports a balance on the planet. Each year we make it a point to make contributions on a local, national and international level that support this diversity and balance. In this giving, our family extends from the local Santa Fe community all the way around the globe to farming families and indigenous peoples as well as organizations that support culture, sustainability and diversity.

Love, Care and Passion
At Aromaland we have all been inspired by the essence of the over 200 plant species we work with each day. Over time, it has become clear to us that the plant essences have a desire – and that desire is to be shared with as many people as possible. So that is our mission – to share the pure essence of nature with as many people as we can!